In the middle of April 2007 a new palmleaf roof was built on top of the house in order to expand the private living area. Once finished, the new, wide open space led to the idea of turning it into a cafe. Finding a name for the new cafe was not difficult at all, because the little fellows were watching everywhere — geckos!

During the entire summer, ideas were conceived, researched, explored and some abandoned and interiors designed on paper. At first, it was planned only to open a café downstairs. But in September the palmleaf roof was repaired and the downstairs space redesigned. November was the month of really big work: remodeling began with the reconstruction of the entrance area. Two of the most important elements for the overall design were to save the 2 palm trees amidst a traditional style tile roof. The kitchen was moved to the back, the stairs were built and the entire interior reorganised. Finishing all of this before opening day on December 14th was a tremendous effort. Since that very first day, the café’s regular guests have come again and again.

Work on the roof café began in earnest and by the beginning of January the space was enlarged and finished, chairs and tables ordered, and lighting and fans installed. It was planned that soon after the grand opening downstairs, the rooftop cafe would be opened officially. Already some guests had begun sitting upstairs, even before it was finished.

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